Gather a team




Solve the case


Present your solution

Who can become a participant?

The Championship participants are initiative, active and creative young metallurgists!
To become a participant you need to assemble a dream team, register it, choose format and solve a case!

Register if you: 
- are a student from 16-35 years old ;
- are studying in technical specialties any form of study

A team
The most effective team is made up of like-minded people!
The number of team members is from 3 to 7 students as well as up to 3 additional mentors

Recommended team composition:
• captain;
• technologist (s);
• economist;
• designer;
• ecologist;
• marketer;
• mentor (s)

Online participation

Take part in the Championship from anywhere in the world!

Offline participation

Come to the Championship internally and head to meet new people and visit industrial companies


Your effective presentation
What is a case? And how to solve it?